frequently asked questions!

Do you make the blankets yourself?

No, our Falsa Blankets are made by women throughout Mexico & India. These women do everything from turning recycled clothing into their yarn, and weaving them into multicoloured blankets from their homes. This is why each individual blanket will be different. You might find flecks of multicolour throughout, as the recycled clothing lives on. 

How do I wash my blanket?

Our blankets are incredible durable, so just toss it in the washer and dryer (if you have a gentle cycle, use that, but no biggie if not!) Don't worry about getting your blanket dirty, that's what they're for! 

Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders?

If you have a wholesale inquiry or just need a whole bunch of blankets for the lake, send us a quick email and we'll work something out together! 

Where is the local pick-up location?

In the Transcona area. When you choose the local pick up location at check out, I will send you an email once your order has processed. We will then discuss when and where you can pick up your blanket!

Are they vegan?

Most definitely. They are a blend of cotton, polyester, and acrylic. All of the recycled material used to make these blankets are free of animal products. 

Are your pillows & banners screen printed or painted?

Our pillows and banners are all hand painted by me, using fabric paint, and then heat set so that your design will last as long as possible. Pillows are machine washable, however we recumbent spot cleaning as much as possible before washing, to preserve the design as much as possible. 

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