Growing Another Little Love: Baby Number 3!

 Photo by Meagan Gerylo Photography 

Photo by Meagan Gerylo Photography 

Little Love number 3 is on his or her way! We couldn't be more thrilled to announce our third little babe will be joining us in the early New Year. The twins don't really understand what "there's a baby in mommy's tummy" means, but they say "baby baby!" and it's the sweetest thing. We want a big family, and we're so grateful to be expecting our third little human (and YES, we double checked! There is only ONE in there!). Here's how I'm doing so far!

I'm almost 10 weeks along now, which I often say is "in the trenches". First trimester is no joke and sure isn't for the weary. I've been moody (which is the nicest term for what I have been like...), pukey, cranky, emotional (how many times a day can I cry?), and downright hormonal. The gratefulness I feel to be growing another life inside me is unlike any other, but the weight of all these emotions and this sickness has been bringing me down more often than not, and I'm starting to realize that this part of pregnancy is the hardest for me. I know that I can look forward to a long 8 more months of feeling baby wiggle and hiccup inside my tummy, and that I won't feel this low forever, but the beginning always gets me down and I've always felt shame for that. I'm slowly starting to realize that it is OKAY to feel what I'm feeling, I am ALLOWED to be grateful but at the same time be emotionally and physically exhausted from all that first trimester brings. 

Pregnancy is such a journey each and every time, as is motherhood as a whole. It is the greatest blessing to be able to carry my children and grow them from the inside out, it's something I'll never take for granted. Life has shown me lately that it is so fragile, so fleeting, and so, so precious. Creating it, creating life, is the most magical thing I have ever been lucky enough to do. There I go again with the tears, these hormones are serious business. Anyways, to say I'm happy is an understatement. We feel so blessed to have all that we have and all we want is to love another sweet little human with all of our hearts. Be sure to check back for more pregnancy updates! 

Shop Small - It's like giving someone a hug.

I don't often talk about my shop situation on this side of the website, and to be completely honest, I'm not really sure why! It is such a huge part of my life, the community of makers and shop owners has given me so much life and such a sense of belonging, and it has so much to do with how I live my Growing A Little Love life. 

I started the shop, Little Love Home, when I was expecting our twins. I knew once I had the twins that I would be so fulfilled by motherhood, but that didn't mean that I wouldn't need a creative outlet that could also help support our growing family. Growing up I always imagined having a little store, playing imaginary store every day after school, I just never thought I would be lucky enough to have one. 

Now I do, and it's SO HARD, but SO freaking amazing, and this is why it means so much when you shop small!

Shopping small supports fellow humans follow their dreams. 

When you buy from a maker, from a local boutique, or from a small online shop, you're directly supporting a person with a name, a family, and a beating heart. When you pay for a product, which typically is high quality, since it is not made in an assembly line, you know exactly where your money is going and who you're supporting, and that feels good. 

What happens when you buy from Little Love Home?

When you buy from Little Love Home, you help me, Sarah, stay home to raise these little twinnies. Having a small shop can be hard work, but it is so rewarding to be able to work from home with my kiddos on something I'm so passionate about. This is what you support when you buy from us, you support this mama's dream. 

I love this chaos.


Our life is chaos. Seriously, it is. And I love it. Our pictures are blurry, our house is messy, my kids are usually sticky. 

Lately I've been learning to accept what works for us and to not feel ashamed of the things that help get us through hard days. I've been dealing with such mom guilt and anxiety ever since the girls were born, and I think that's something that almost every mom can relate to, especially in the age of Instagram. For example, I've always been embarrassed to post too much of the girls watching tv, or what food they're eating if it's not super healthy, or if they're sticky from head to toe. I guess I was afraid of judgement, to not have a perfect Instagram feed or make perfect decisions all the time, I don't even know. It sounds so silly but for so many of us, this guilt and pressure is REAL. 

It occurred to me kind of out of nowhere over the last few weeks (probably because I've been watching too much This Is Us, let's be real), that life is short and I really should not spend a single second fretting about what other's might think or say about my journey. My family and I are living a kind life, we are caring to those who are around us, and we share authenticity and genuine moments. That is what humanhood is about to me. Loving and being loved. 

I can't wait to watch these kiddos grow up and see who they are going to be, what they are going to love, the impact they're going to make. Being a mother is so dang fulfilling, even when it means racing through the grocery store with a full cart to check out before you have not 1 but 2 full blown meltdowns. Even when you watch Moana all the way through so that you can cook meals and tidy up uninterrupted. Even when you cook food for your kids all day and realize come 5pm you haven't had so much as a cracker all day long. 

Motherhood is pure fulfilment for me, and I feel so lucky. 

Sorry for the emotional posts these days, This Is Us is actually killing me!!!!!! I love it. It's given me so many realizations and given me a new appreciation for my family and my incredible husband. If you haven't watched it you simply have to!!!!!!! Beware, it will crack open your insides and let all of your emotions poor out every. single. time. 

I hope life is good for you, whoever you are! I hope you are proud of yourself and find fulfilment in the mundane, it truly is a game changer.