Annie & Sybelle: 3 Months!

I really just don't know where time is going. This month we celebrated Christmas and all of the fun things that lead up to that special day, we started sleeping 4 hour streches through the night - consistently (hallelujah), and fell more and more in love with eachother ever single day. 

So, bare with me while I blabber on about all the amazing things these little girls do. 

It is so amazing to find Kyle chatting away with our babies. He lights up their sweet little eyes. There is no one that can make them smile quite like he does. We hung out a lot with family this month, and it is just the sweetest season of life to be surrounded by so much love. Not to mention Christmas. Holy moly were we all so spoiled. They have both grown more and more into two little individuals, they are so incredibly beautiful and perfectly unique. I am so proud of both of them. 

We have come to realize the babies really like their little routine - I might do a post on it soon because I have searched the internet high and low to find something that works, especially for twins. They tend to get quite overwhelmed if we spend the whole day travelling, in and out of loud places, and if they don't get many naps in their own crib. 

My most favourite thing this month has been the way they calm down when I hold them. Throughout this holiday season they've been held by many many people, and sometimes they get overwhelmed. The second they're in my arms, though, they're happy little beans. They've really started to wrap their little arms around me when I hold them and it's simply the sweetest feeling. 

They love their changing table, even in a fit of screaming rage, plop them on the change table, take off their pants, and boom - happy baby. It's quite mystical. They're still fitting size 0-3, 3 month, and are growing into some 3-6 month pants. Still size 1 diapers, and we even had to get a special slightly smaller size 1 to fit Sybelle's teeny tiny bum. Annie has the chunkiest cheeks and thighs, I could squish them all day. Sybelle is slowly starting to grow her little rolls, but is still a bit of a string bean. 

We call Sybelle by a million different nicknames: Sibby, Belly, Belsie, Little Belle... The list goes on, every day we find some new way to play with her name. Annie just gets little things tacked on to the end of her name, Annie bean, Annie fanny (she'll hate that one when she's older), Annie girl, sweet Annie (thank you, Zac Brown). 

They still love to play with each other, which warms my heart. These days Sybelle has been trapping Annie's hands to chew on, because why chew on your own when you can chew on your sisters??? I could just go on and on. 

I'll leave it at that for now, I could talk about these babies all day long. I think I'll be posting a post-partum update soon, because when I was pregnant I spent pretty much all day every day researching what birth and recovery might look like. Stay tuned :)

Take good care, lovelies!


Mothers, I finally understand you. 

I know they always say this, but you'll never truly understand ones feelings until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Well, this mile of motherhood is almost 3 months long, and holy cow my heart could burst right out of my chest (they always say that too). 

Motherhood is my dream come true. My daughters, my husband, my fur babies, it's all just such a dream to me. It's all I've ever wanted. I can hardly wrap my mind around the love that pours out of me every day. The first giggles and constant smiles, the way they look up at me while I nurse them, the way their little boddies tangle up together while they nurse, sleep, play... They are little best friends. Their twin bond is unlike anything I've ever seen. It makes me so proud to see them calm eachother just by being placed near one another. The way they coo at eachother, the start of their own secret language that I will never know. They way they squiggle toward eachother when they're swaddled and ready for bed. They just have to be touching to go to sleep. 

I could go on and on. Today I was just really hit with the joy and excitement of this life that I'm living. I don't want to forget a single thing. I don't want to forget their tiny toes, their sweet gummy smiles. I want this stage to last forever, but at the same time I am simply aching to watch them grow up. I can't wait to play with them. To create with them. To learn with them. I can't wait to see who they will be, what they will do, how they will change this world. I am so proud of them already. 

So mothers, I finally understand what you mean when you say your babies are like your heart walking around on the outside. And to my mother, thank you for loving me the way I love my babies. The way you poured your whole self into me, the little things you did every day, you were always there. Thank you. 

I hope you are all well, lovelies. I hope you're enjoying your holiday season with whoever you call family. 

Fall Floral

We were so lucky and had another baby shower this weekend! The girls got to meet their boyfriends who are identical twins, Josiah and Isaiah, the cutest little beans ever, and we got so many more cute things! We are so lucky to have so many loving people in our life.

As a mom, I love having opportunities to dress up because they don't come around very often. As I was getting ready, I couldn't help but throw on a dress! Especially because in Winnipeg, by November it's usually -20... and it was  5 degrees this weekend! I got this dress ages ago from Garage and absolutely love it for the falltime. It is perfect to transition florals from summer to fall and it is just the comfiest thing - and I could nurse in it! I paired it with some cozy socks and tights, and this cardigan from Old Navy. I was comfy all day long, and felt like I was put together so it was just such a win! 

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Take good care, lovelies! 

Annie & Sybelle: Two Months

Two months. It truly is hard to believe. I am so unbelievably in love with these babies and all the adventures that they have brought to my life. This last month has been hard, maybe even the hardest yet. But it has been so worth it. After every hard night, or long day of tears, I fall more and more in love with these girls. I still really can't believe that I made them, both of them, in my tummy for 9 months. And then all of the sudden, they are here. 

Though this month has been full of really hard days where both babies have cried and cried and cried endlessly for what seemed like no reason at all, it has been the best month of my life. I am so torn between wanting the girls to stay teeny tiny forever, and being so amazed and excited about how they grow and grow every day. Their personality comes through more and more every hour it seems, and it is just so amazing to see how beautifully unique they both are. They are so fun right now! They have been so so smiley and love to play on their play mat, they will only sleep if they are in the same crib, snuggled up nice and close to eachother, and they NEED naptime or they are miserable little monsters. They really love when their daddy comes home, as soon as he talk to them they are all smiles. I just can't wait until they start to giggle and laugh at all his silliness. 

My mom and sister still come over almost every day and I am so thankful for them. Kyle is growing into his roll as their daddy and it is so incredible to watch him love them. Our doggie Jack is their most fierce protector, when we return home after being away with the babies he always runs back and forth between their carseats to make sure they're still as happy and healthy as he left them. He always gets so overwhelmed when they're crying, it's like he's pacing and looking at me like "uhm, mom, are you going to do something about that?!" Yes Jack, working on it. 

I just feel so whole. No matter how tired I may be or how overwhelming our days can get, I feel like I've never been more myself. I truly was born to be their momma and feel so lucky to spend my days with them. 

I hope you're doing well, take good care lovelies! 

Twin Newborn Pictures!


We recently got our newborn photos back and I love them so much! Thank you so much to the photographer, my sister in law Meagan Gerylo Photography for capturing these sweet moments of my babies first few days. I cherish these pictures so much and I just cannot believe how fast time has gone.

Little Annie is in the light pink and Sybelle is in the stripes! I cant get over how stinking cute they are it just blows my mind that I made these tiny humans and I get to be their momma! They're 8 weeks old now and we're learning more and more every day what these babies love and what they don't love ;) They're so different from each other and it's so fun getting to know each one as their own little person. I'll be posting a 2 month update on them soon! 

Take good care, lovelies! 

Mama's first night out!

Well, we did it! I was super anxious leading up to this day, but it ended up being such a fun night and I'm so so happy I got to have a little me time! It was my first night leaving the twinnies for a few hours to go do something fun since they were born. I went to go see my beautiful friend Heather in her wedding dress and then we all went bridesmaids dress shopping! It was so incredibly special to see her in her dress. She looked absolutely stunning and I just cannot wait for her big day. The dress is perfect and she will be the most gorgeous bride. We also found the bridesmaids dresses super easily, and it looks incredible on everyone! We purchased them right then and there. 

The twins were left with my wonderful mom and sister, so Kyle got the night off too. I kept texting him to see how much fun he was having with the house to himself and his response was, "I'm sad. I miss you girls." My heart. 

Coming home to the twins was so so special. Annie was in a complete deep sleep in my sisters arms, but as soon as she heard my voice her eyes were wide open. They are just so stinkin sweet and though they were super fussy for their babysitters, I know my mom and sister loved having them all to themselves for a few hours. 

On to the outfit - I felt like such a cool mom in this outfit, I'm not gonna lie! These shoes are to die for, and they're actually incredibly comfortable! And that's coming from a girl who lives in Birkenstocks, so you know how much I value comfort ;) The shoes totally made the outfit look more fancy than it felt! The leggings are from Victoria's Secret (and yes I know, "leggings aren't pants" but I just honestly have to disagree. I live in these things.) This shirt is perfect for my post partum body. I'm back at my pre-baby weight but have a light case of diastasis recti so my belly can tend to look a wee bit preggo still, so this cut is perfect for me for right now! And gosh I have no idea where or when I got this cardigan but it's always been a staple in my wardrobe and it's the perfect length to pair with pretty much everything! 

And this hair. This is my new go to mom hair. Because it looks like I styled it, right!? I braided my hair the night before in one big braid (to keep it out of my babies' grabby little hands) and then the next day just threw the top half of my hair into a tiny little mom bun and voila! Oh and dry shampoo. Lots of it. 

I had such a fun night and it just really reminded me how much I love getting ready and putting together outfits. I'm hoping to keep up doing little posts like these, so keep your eyes peeled!

Take good care, lovelies! 

Sunday Night Thoughts

It's Sunday night and I'm lying in bed, nursing one baby, and rocking the other. My husband is readying himself for another week of work, and Sunday night football is rumbling in the background.

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday night and spent Sunday morning in bed snuggling two sweet newborns. A dream weekend, if you ask me. So I find myself thinking, "I don't want this weekend to end." But such is life, isn't it? Wishing the wonderful weekends could last forever and waiting impatiently for the hard days to end. 

I gaze at my sweet 5 week old twins and can hardly remember what it was like without them here. That thought reminds me - I don't want these moments to end. Their littleness. Their neediness. Their innocence. I want it forever, yet some nights, when it's just me to take care of two little babies' sadness on an empty tank of sleep, I wish for them to be older. For it to get easier. 

I am in the trenches of life. Just as I can not make this weekend last forever, I can not make hard times move any faster - nor should I. The blissful and the ugly are equal in this life. Both so important in making this experience so damn beautiful. 

I have to remember that life is now. It will get better and it will get worse, but I cannot focus on that. I have to focus on whatever is happening right now. These babies of mine are changing and growing every single day and I know these sweet newborn fases will only last so long. 

So, my mantra every single day is, "All I have to do today is be my babies' mom," and my anxieties wash away. This is the life I've always dreamed of, I must remember that. 

Take good care, lovelies. 

Annie and Sybelle: One Month

This picture just makes us laugh so hard, they were squirming around like crazy and it looks like Sybelle just clocked Annie

This picture just makes us laugh so hard, they were squirming around like crazy and it looks like Sybelle just clocked Annie

My sister was going through their clothes sorting out what was too small and Annie just loved sitting and staring at all her pretty outfits

My sister was going through their clothes sorting out what was too small and Annie just loved sitting and staring at all her pretty outfits

Well, one month with these sweet twinnies of ours has flown by. It has been the most challenging, breathtakingly beautiful adventure of my life. It still blows my mind that Kyle and I get to raise these babies and love them forever. They're ours. They made us a family. They made me a mother, what I always dreamed to be. 

It has been so much fun to see the people (and pets) in our lives interact with these new little ones. Kyle is just the most fun to watch, he loves to play with his girls and always misses them when he's out at work. My heart could burst everytime I see them together. It's so special to see the twins' grandparents light up when they hold them, and their aunts and uncles fight over who gets to snuggle the babies next. My mom and sister come over basically every day to help us (bless them), and if they miss a day they're aching to see the girls again. They are just so incredibly loved and it brings me so much joy to know that they will grow up always having a village to turn to, love on, and grow with. 

We had a few really rough days around the 4 week mark, the girls decided to go on a sleep strike and eat every hour and a half day and night. By the time I had finished feeding both babies, I would have about a 45 minute break before the first baby I had fed would start getting hungry again. I thought I was going to loose my mind, but last night they slept almost 4.5 hours in a row through the night!!!!! I almost had a heart attack when I woke up 4 hours after their last feeding and nobody was crying yet. I feel like a whole new woman. After that 4 hour stretch, they slept 3 hour stretches for the rest of the night. It was seriously the best night ever. I even woke up before them this morning and got myself ready for the day! (Which includes and is limited to: braiding my hair, brushing my teeth, and slapping on some mascara). 

Our sweet Annie weighed in at 7.5 pounds and 23 inches long at her 1 month check up, and holy moly she is getting so sweet and chunky! The thigh rolls are coming in nice and strong and I love it so much! You can definitely not squeeze a newborn diaper shirt over her big noggin anymore, so she's pretty much exclusively in 0-3 size clothing! 

Little Sibby weighed in at 7 pounds and 23 inches long at her check up! You'd think .5 of a pound wouldn't make much difference but you can totally tell when you're holding her how much tinier she is than Annie. She still wears newborn diaper shirts, pants, socks, etc., but is getting too long for anything with feet.

We are loving every minute of these little beans! 

Take care, lovelies! 

Welcome to the world, Annie & Sybelle

"holy shit is this real?"

"holy shit is this real?"

Kyle changed almost every single diaper at the hospital.

Kyle changed almost every single diaper at the hospital.





This thing saves me when I have two crying babes (Annie)

This thing saves me when I have two crying babes (Annie)



My sweet tiny angels arrived on September 22nd, 2016. I was 37 weeks and 6 days when we went into triage on the 21st to have the babies monitored and hopefully be induced. My doctor had put me on the induction list for Monday the 19th, but it kept getting pushed. Thankfully they decided to keep us after the monitoring at triage and start the induction on the 21st, because I don't know that I could have lasted another day with those little ones on the inside. I'm still so surprised we had to be induced, I was convinced these babes were coming by 36 weeks the latest! 

Around 5pm we were sent upstairs to labour and delivery to start the induction, and after that it was go time. Labour lasted 10 hours, including 3 hours of pushing and then our pretty girls were here. I think maybe one day I'll write a more detailed birth story, but I'm still trying to come to terms with how everything went. I am so thankful my girls made it into the world safe and sound, but my birth plan was essentially thrown out the window. All that matters now is that my girls are healthy and happy, but I'm still trying to work through the interventions that we went through. For now, I'll just say how blessed I am to have such an incredible husband. Kyle was just the most perfect support person and I couldn't have done it without him. He was perfect. 

Annie Elizabeth Louise was born at 3:07am, weighing 5lbs 11oz, 20 inches long, and Sybelle Kendall Lynn was born shortly after at 3:15am, weighing 5lbs 7oz, 18 inches long. 

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday the 24th, and then we were on our merry way home! The first few days home were incredibly difficult, but every day is better and better. We have had the most incredible support that I could have ever asked for. We have been showered in gifts, meals, love, and babysitting services so that we can get a wee bit of sleep. There are honestly no words for how lucky I feel to have had such incredible support. 

The girls are two weeks old now and night time is as dreamy as newborn nights can be! They sleep for about 3 hours and then one wakes to be fed. We change her diaper, feed her, and shortly after I'm finished feeding the first baby, the second one will start to stir. The first baby will then be swaddled and will go straight back to sleep. We do it again with the second little one and then back to sleep I go for about 2 hours until next feeding time! Mornings are great, afternoons are good, but by the evening both babies get fussy and sassy and I get incredibly overtired. It's nice to have the night to look forward to when I know the girls will go down and I can get a little break. They both take a soother now which has been super helpful during their evening time fussiness. Our favourite is the Wubbanub, because their favourite thing to do is spit the soother out and then scream because they lost it. The Wubbanub stays right where we need it to be and sometimes they can even get it back into their mouth on their own! It's seriously a Godsend. 

The girls are breastfeeding incredibly well, and I'm so grateful for that. It's been such a blessing to be able to feed both babies my milk. We had to supplement a little bit at the hospital because their glucose levels were low, and then a little bit at home when we needed a little break, but at this point they're both 99% breastfed and that makes me feel so proud. 

Annie makes the world's craziest faces when she's awake, it cracks Kyle and I up so much. She's got the longest, fluffiest hair ever, it's the sweetest. We think she looks so much like the Gerylo side of the family, which is so fun because she's named partly after Kyle's grandmother who's name was Annie. She loves this little fisher price vibrating seat that we have, she could sit in it for hours. But beware, do not turn off the vibrate even if you think she's in the deepest sleep. She will scream. 

Sybelle is the quieter of the two, she makes faces sometimes but mostly just stares wide eyed at everything. She looks exactly like I did when I was a baby, which is so fun! She loves to be held and rocked in the glider, but loves to be bounced even more. She'll keep you on your feet rockin and rollin if you let her. 

Both girls love to eat, sleep so well at night, love to be swaddled, and love to be sung to. When they're being fussy or sad, if you hold them close to each other they'll turn to look at each other and settle right down. It's just the beginning of their sweet twin bond and it makes me so so happy.

I just want to remember all of these little things about my first few weeks of motherhood and my girls' first few weeks of life. Kyle and I are just so in love with them. It has been the hardest few weeks of my life, and the most rewarding and beautiful all at the same time. Kyle is the most incredible father, he is a dream come true. It's so hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago we were day dreaming about what these sweet girls would look like, and now they're actually here. My world is turned upside down in the most wonderful way.

I hope you're doing well, lovelies. Take good care! 



Twin Nursery Tour!

Hi lovelies! 

Here is the room that will be home to our baby girls when they decide to arrive! As I'm writing this, I'm 37 weeks pregnant with these two girlies and I'm just itching to rock them in our glider and dress them in all of their sweet clothes! 

The way their room came together has just been absolutely amazing. I picked up little things here and there with no real theme in mind, but the way the colours and gifts we received all fit together in this room with such ease and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out! Every time I walk in I just feel so relaxed and happy. I love it. 

I painted this room long before we were expecting these babies but with the thought in mind that it would be a nursery in the future. I'm still so happy with the colour we chose, the pops of pink make it so girly, but it could have worked for a little boy's room too! 

We got the curtains from Fabric Land and my mom (the incredibly talented, crafty lady that made this room come together) hemmed them up so they would fit with the changing table there. The change table was handed down to us from my sweet sister and her babe Sadie, and the little rug in front of it is from Ikea! It was like $4.00, how could I say no?!

I admit, my plans for this room had to change when we found out it would be the room for two babies and not just one, but I'm super impressed that we made everything fit! Two cribs, a glider, side table, change table, dresser, diaper genie, laundry hamper, and even their bassinet can fit in here! It was a bit of tetrus, but I'm so happy we were able to make it work. 

Their crib quilt and little knitted blankets hanging on their cribs were both made by my absolutely wonderful mom, the twins will have those blankets for ever and ever and I know they will cherish them just as much as I do. Speaking of my momma, our bassinet was hers when she was just a tiny baby! I love it so much, it's absolutely perfect and the fact that it has been kept in my family since my mom was just a baby is so special. 

Our glider was a gift from my aunts, uncles, mom, dad, and sister. It is so incredibly comfortable and I know we'll be spending hours upon hours rocking in that chair. I thought I might need a little side table for the long nights of breastfeeding and snuggles to keep some essentials on (hello lip chap and nipple cream) and this table we had hiding in the basement was the most perfect fit! Kyle made it in high school and it has just been sitting in a corner forever. 

Quick story time, we chose a giraffe to be these babies' "theme" animal when we were on our honeymoon in Florida! When we were strolling through the Naples Zoo Gift Shop Kyle said, "lets pick out a stuffed animal to take home." My heart was set on the giraffe, and when we finally decided to choose, we said that this would be the first item we would buy for our future baby.  Now we have it sitting up on their shelf above their closet! But that is how we decided to include giraffes in their little nursery and it just makes me so happy to think that these babies were thought of way back on our honeymoon before they even existed! 

Without further ado, here is our twin girls' nursery! 

Pretty presents from Spain! They're absolutely stunning I can't wait for the twins to fit these!

Pretty presents from Spain! They're absolutely stunning I can't wait for the twins to fit these!

How gorgeous are these teething things from Elephant Shoe Teething Co.!? Their shop is absolutely gorgeous, we love it so much! - I'll be doing a complete post on these bad boys once the girls arrive!

How gorgeous are these teething things from Elephant Shoe Teething Co.!? Their shop is absolutely gorgeous, we love it so much! - I'll be doing a complete post on these bad boys once the girls arrive!

How sweet are these little mountain blocks? Our sweet friend brought them back from a market in Canmore, BC. from a little shop called St. Brendans Folk Art!

How sweet are these little mountain blocks? Our sweet friend brought them back from a market in Canmore, BC. from a little shop called St. Brendans Folk Art!

I hope you're having the most wonderful day! Take care, lovelies! 

36 Weeks Pregnant!

How stunning are these flowers from my lovely friend Sara?! They smell amazing too! 

How stunning are these flowers from my lovely friend Sara?! They smell amazing too! 

After Jack and I go for our walks, he tends to pass out... and take over half of our bed. 

After Jack and I go for our walks, he tends to pass out... and take over half of our bed. 

He also thinks this cool new room is just for him! Stay tuned for our nursery tour coming in the next post! 

He also thinks this cool new room is just for him! Stay tuned for our nursery tour coming in the next post! 

A really blurry picture, but this is Kyle showing off our ultrasound pictures to our family and friends. Every time we have an ultrasound he loves to show our family the pictures and I could cry just watching how proud of a dad he already is showing off pictures of his daughters. I love him so much!

A really blurry picture, but this is Kyle showing off our ultrasound pictures to our family and friends. Every time we have an ultrasound he loves to show our family the pictures and I could cry just watching how proud of a dad he already is showing off pictures of his daughters. I love him so much!

Well, we're 36 weeks pregnant with these twin girlies of mine! I truly cannot believe how fast time is flying with this pregnancy. This week we've pretty much been napping, walking in this gorgeous fall weather with little Jackie boy, and being spoiled by my sweet friends and family. My mom and I have been walking together almost every day with our pooches, and we've had lots of visitors that bring us coffee, flowers, and just wonderful visits which really have boosted my spirits. 

The girls both reached 5lbs this week! We are so so blessed that they have been growing so well thus far, however Baby A has slowed a little too much in her growth so we have another ultrasound this week to decipher if they need to induce a little bit early. Likely her placenta is starting to degrade due to the lack of space in there (I feel ya lady), so the girls might be better off on the outside at this point. But 5 pounds!! Hallelujah! 

The end of this pregnancy has been incredibly uncomfortable, so those visits and little outings have been super helpful to boost my mood when I start wallowing in self-pity. I've been struggling with a torn ab muscle for the past few weeks, and the pain has just been getting worse and worse as these babes pack on the pounds and run out of space. I've been experiencing a little bit of sciatic pain, sleeping troubles, and crazy heartburn, but the worst of it all is PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) on my poor belly. I got some crazy stretch marks on my belly and these past 2 weeks, they've been so so so incredibly itchy... I finally did some research and figured out it isn't just itchy skin, it's actually a rash that commonly happens in a multiples pregnancy. Definitely looking forward to seeing the end of that! I've also been having some pretty crazy, but irregular contractions over the past few weeks which keep making me think labor is coming, and then they just stop. At my appointment I was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated so it really could happen at any time, but so far these contractions have just been a big old tease! 

But enough of the woahs! I'm so so excited that the time is so near to meet these sweet little girls... my doctor has told us that we will be induced for sure by September 23rd, but after this week's appointment it could be sooner! 9 days or less until these babies are in my arms and I just can hardly wrap my brain around that fact! Our bags are packed, car seats installed, all that we need now are the girls! 

I hope you're having the most wonderful day! Take care, lovelies! 

DIY Potted Plant

I saw a pot painted like this while perusing Pinterest one day, and I absolutely loved the idea of painting plain clay pots white! I think painting a few with a couple different designs would make such an adorable touch to any room. I love that you can also make it as messy or as neat as you would like, and it just spices up the plainness of the clay!

This particular one that I decided to make was a gift for the twin's Godmother, our friend Heather. I knew I wanted to give her a gift that would represent the twins, something handmade that she could have and enjoy for a long time. This seemed like the perfect idea to me! I chose two funky cacti to represent the twins, and then the fluffy succulent behind them to represent Heather looking over them. You can use any plants that make you smile! And can I just say how much I love giving homemade gifts?! And really, who doesn't love a good succulent?! Giving a gift like this just never gets old to me. 

Here is what you'll need! 

To begin, choose what colour/design you'd like to paint. I just decided to paint the bottom half of the pot white, and have it look a little bit messy and rustic. 

After letting the paint dry for about an hour, I decided to write a little quote on the front of the pot using a fine tip Sharpie. I did write their names underneath the "Love" but those will be shared when the girls are born! 

Fill your pot about halfway with potting mix of your choice, and then set your chosen plants on top! Once you have the placement of your plants where you'd like, fill in the rest of the pot and pack it tight with soil. 

And there you have an adorable little personalized gift, or just a perfect pot for any corner of your home! 

This was the first DIY that I've had the energy to do pretty much since I got pregnant, and it was so nice to just sit and create something. I absolutely love doing little projects like these, I'd love to know if you give it a try! 

Take good care, lovelies!

Life Lately 10.08.16

Goodness me, third trimester with twins is no joke! As per the last photo, you can find me in bed for the remainder of this pregnancy... Thank goodness we got away last weekend for probably the last time! We went to our really good friends' cabin for the weekend and it was sooo nice to spend the day at the beach and just spend time with really good people. 

Of course, however, I came home and got hit with a nice little flu bug. Some kind of head cold + regular pregnancy discomfort = a really really miserable me this week. We have our 32 week ultrasound tomorrow and my doctor will tell me what that means for work - I'm going to be done working by the end of August for sure, but she was concerned at our last appointment it might be a little bit earlier. I'm starting to think that she's right... The discomfort is so real. The only thing that I find really gives me relief is a trip to the chiropractor, but unfortunately, the discomfort comes back within a day of my adjustment. My trips to the chiro will be becoming much more frequent until these babies arrive, I'm thinking. Sleep at night isn't really a thing anymore, so napping during the day is the only way this girl is getting any sleep. The most comfy place to nap so far is the glider we have in the nursery! It makes me so happy to snooze in the girls' room. I just sit and dream about all of the moments we'll be sharing with our twins so soon. 

This is just a silly rambly post, but I just want to remember all of the moments that are making up this beautiful life of mine. This blog of mine hasn't been too interesting lately, I know. But It's a documentation of these sweet moments. It's all I've ever wanted it to be. 

I hope you are doing well, lovelies. Take good care!

Our Maternity Photos!

We got our maternity photos done a few weeks ago and I am so in love with how they turned out! My sister in law took the photos for us, if you're in the area I highly recommend checking out her Facebook page and book her for any of your upcoming moments that you want captured! We will cherish these photos forever.

Take good care, lovelies! 

30 weeks pregnant with twins!

These babies are 30 weeks today! They are each the size of a cantaloupe - and as of our last ultrasound, they were both measuring the average size of singleton babies - Baby A was even a few ounces above average! I'm so so happy these girls are doing so great, we've really had such a smooth pregnancy so far, especially for twins. Not long now until we're holding them in our arms! 

I'm definitely feeling how large these kiddos are, my rib cage has been having a really hard time expanding to fit these little kicking feet. It sometimes literally feels like the bones are starting to break, so that's been a little bit hard to handle. Other than that, sleep has been a little bit hard to accomplish, and I have to put my feet up after the smallest little chores. I'm a little anxious to see how the next few weeks are going to go, as these babes just get bigger and bigger. But I definitely know the bigger the better! So grow babies, grow! Momma can handle it :) 

I've been only wanting to eat carbs... I get my morning green smoothie down, but for the rest of the day I could live off of bagels, cereal, pizza, perogies... you name it, if it's a carb, I'm all for it! I think it's because it's quick easy energy and these babies have been stealing all of my energy. 

Kyle has been the most incredible help over these past few uncomfortable weeks. He has been working long hours, then coming home to start doing housework that we want to be done before the babies come. Our living room is finally done, we painted and rearranged and I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out! Now he's been working on ripping up the carpet in our basement, organizing our disaster of a storage room, and taking care of daily chores like the cat's litter boxes, laundry, even cooking dinner. I am SO thankful for him and all of his hard work.

We have absolutely everything we could possibly need to bring these sweet babies home. We have cribs, car seats, a baby monitor, a top of the line pump (lucked out on that one!), diapers, clothes... Their nursery is complete and I absolutely love just sitting in my glider imagining snuggling them both. I can't believe there's only a few weeks left until they're here for real. Even though I've been incredibly uncomfortable lately, and unable to do most of my regular life things, every day I get more and more excited for their arrival, and less and less terrified. I think with every passing day I get more confident in my ability to handle these sweet girls, and more importantly, more confident in the fact that they are going to change our lives forever, in the most beautiful way. 

This pregnancy has been the hardest thing I've ever done, and the most beautiful thing, all at the same time. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I feel like my life is a fairytale. I used to dream about being married, making our first house a home, and then filling it with pets and babies. I truly have it all. 

Though it has been hard, it has been the most wonderful adventure of my life. I can't wait to meet you, my sweet baby girls. 

Finding Peace

These days, with the complete and utter overwhelm I feel, I’ve been forgetting why I started this blog in the first place.

I am overwhelmed with life. I am overwhelmed in the most wonderful ways, but also in the scariest ways. The way feelings have been washing over me lately really shake me – whether it’s these wild hormones from growing two little humans all at once, or just regular life feelings… It’s been really hard to take it all in and appreciate every little fleeting moment.

Then it occurred to me, how am I supposed to appreciate these little moments, every little feeling, if I am not giving myself room to breathe? I have not stopped thinking about preparing for babies, getting enough sleep to help me make it through the work day, making sure there are groceries in my house, making sure the dog gets walked… When was the last time I took 10 minutes to myself to just sit in silence and just be?

On our way to Kyle’s parents’ house the other day for my Mother In Law’s birthday dinner, I asked Kyle if he could just pull over on one of the gravel roads. I’m sure he thought I was having a relapse of morning sickness or something, so he pulled over nonetheless and we just sat. We only had a few minutes before we would be late for dinner, but just those few small moments of beautiful, fresh country air was like a five course meal for my starving soul.

I got Kyle to snap a few pictures before we left because it was simply so beautiful, and I wanted to remember this moment. I wanted to remember that sometimes all it takes to ground yourself is a few minutes of quiet, just for you. This is why I started this blog. To remind myself, and hopefully others, the importance of finding sweet moments amongst the mundane. 

This is definitely something I will turn to when the twins get here and my overwhelm takes over, but knowing that a few moments is all it takes to bring peace is so incredibly comforting.

I hope you lovelies can find a few moments to soothe your soul when the going gets tough. Let me know what you do to during your me time in the comments below! I’m always looking for new things to try!

Take good care, lovelies!

Our Twin's Baby Shower!

My family threw us the most incredible baby shower for our little girls last weekend and it. was. amazing. I feel so overwhelmed with all of the generosity and excitement our family and friends have showered us with during this pregnancy, and we honestly would not be able to bring these girls into the world without each and every single family member and friend. It truly takes a village and we are just so grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding our growing family.

The babes were showered with gifts and beautiful handmade goods while the guests and I ate good food, played silly games, and just enjoyed visiting with the most wonderful group of ladies. We ended up receiving absolutely everything we could possibly need to be prepared for the girls' arrival! Diaper genies, diapers, a beautiful glider rocking chair, baby monitors, and so many freaking adorable outfits, just to name a few! I am having such a hard time picking their coming home outfits because we just got so many sweet little baby things I just cannot even handle it! I can't stop going through their dresser just staring at the little diaper shirts, onesies, and gosh some of the summer outfits we got for next summer could make me pass out with an overload of cuteness!

We're pretty much all set to go, and just in time for trimester number three! We had our Fetal Assessment ultrasound on Thursday and it was so much fun to spend an hour just looking at their sweet little selves! Baby A weighs in at about 2lbs 8oz, and Baby B weighs about 2lbs 5oz! Right on target! There is nothing like seeing your babies to give you reassurance that everything is going okay in there. We're now booking doctor appointments every 2 weeks, and my next ultrasound is booked for 4 weeks from now! Time is flying, and I just want to remember every sweet moment of carrying these girls. I feel so lucky.

Can't wait to meet these little baby girls! I hope you're all doing well, lovelies!

Take good care!



I am the love.

In a time where the world is shaken by headlines of murder, injustice, and despicable violence, I find us all asking, "Where is the love?"

I have found the answer.

It is in us. We are the love. We decide how this world will turn every single waking hour of every single day. The way we think about ourselves, the way we speak to others, the way we vote with every penny that we spend. WE are the love. I am the love. It is in all of us, blocked.

Soon these headlines will fade and people will lose interest in the fight for justice. We will move on to the next trend or fad. We will return to the safety and comfort of our blindfold. Until the next tragedy, where we will be thrust back into darkness, wondering where to go from here.

Normalcy will come back, inevitably. It will always come back. But our normal will not create the change that this world needs to rid ourselves of the horrific darkness that sneaks up on us every single day. Every single time a lost, broken soul takes another.

We are the love. It is cultivated in the deepest corners of our souls, the corners we fear to share with our fellow humans. The corners that could bring a little bit of light, a little bit of love. We need your light. Desperately.

What is your light? Whatever it is, unblock the fear that holds it hostage. Release your fear from your body, where it has been thriving off of your insecurity. Throw it away. It is of no use to you, to any of us. We need your light.

I beg of you. Share your light. Show your love. Be vulnerable. Be strong. Be open. Release what is holding your heart back. Hurt is inevitable, but the love is worth it. It will change this world. I can promise you that. We will change this world, we must only love. Love is enough.

Take good care of yourselves, lovelies.

Day Date!

Note the nice set of scrapes and road rash on my leg... turns out pregnancy makes my clumsy self  1000 times more clumsy!!! 

Note the nice set of scrapes and road rash on my leg... turns out pregnancy makes my clumsy self  1000 times more clumsy!!! 

I had the loveliest day today catching up with one of my most favourite ladies! We went for breakfast at Stella's, strolled through the farmer's market for some fresh produce, and played with my sister's foster pup! It was such a beautiful day outside, and there's just something about exploring the farmer's market with an old friend. I loved every minute! And oh my, did I ever eat my heart out at Stella's... We're talkin a waffle, side of hashbrowns AND a side of toast... that I polished clean. I am super impressed with myself. Now I've got a pot of homemade stew brewing with the fresh veggies I got from the market! Everybody there was so sweet and it just makes me feel so happy to be eating locally grown food that helps support the livelihood of families that could very well be my neighbours. Not to mention, it's much more delicious than grocery store produce! 

This outfit has been my go-to for the past week or so! The tank top I'm wearing I mentioned in my last post has been worn an obnoxious amount because my priority is comfort now, and this tank is all comfort! I got these shorts probably about 8 years ago for 4$ at Urban Behaviour! It was such a steal of a deal probably because they were definitely not in style 8 years ago, but I've been wearing them none stop these past few years! I was so happy when I pulled them out for the summer and they still fit my super pregnant self! They're incredibly comfortable, not to mention airy and breezy for the super hot days! My kimono has been worn a whole bunch lately too, I just love the layered look, but it's still super breezy and light! 

I've been just loving these warm summer days spent with my girlfriends lately. I am taking full advantage of all of this me time before the girls get here, and it just is making me remember that me time is just as important as work, housework, having homemade meals ready every night, and all those everyday chores. I'm making such an effort to remember this when guilt takes over that all those things have been taking a backseat lately. Remembering what makes me the most happy in life and making those things my priority has made this time so wonderfully blissful. 

I hope you remember to do something nice for yourself, wonderful people. You deserve to make yourself a priority, it makes life so much more wonderous! 

Take good care, lovelies! 

Summer Pregnancy Must Haves!

I am SO thankful to be pregnant during the summer months, because Lord knows I wouldn't be able to bend over to pull on my winter boots, but dang sometimes it's tough lugging around this big belly in the summer heat! Here are a few things that have made life a little bit easier for me over the past few months! 

Firstly, and most importantly, Welch's freezies. I die for these, you guys. It's actually kind of pathetic. In fact, Kyle is out picking up two more bags of these bad boys for me because heat + this twin belly + my sudden sweet tooth = I NEED AT LEAST 2 A DAY!!!! But I don't feel as guilty as if I were to eat actual sugar filled freezies, you know?! These taste sooooo good, especially the cherry flavour. They're life savers in this heat, that's for sure! 

Birkenstocks. I wear these bad boys as long as I can every single year before it gets too cold and snowy to put them away for the winter, but I have a brand new appreciation for them during pregnancy! The support from these sandals is absolutely incredible, and they are perfect for when my feet start to swell throughout the day at work. I haven't needed to loosen them due to swelling yet, but I know I'll be glad I have the option when the swelling gets too much! Birkenstocks even have a whole vegan section of their website, so you can enjoy your Birks guilt-free! 

Coconut oil everywhere, all the time. Sometimes I even put it in the fridge to cool it off a little before I slather it all over my belly, legs, arms, feet, everywhere. This stuff is seriously a godsend for my itchy skin, especially before and after I've been in the sun! 

I'm getting to the point where clothes need to not touch my body, so these dresses that are fitted at the top, but leave your belly with lots of room to breathe are my go to! I still really try to look cute and put together as much as I possibly can, it definitely helps me feel a bit better about myself during these months, so having a fitted top is something I really like to look for. I've had the best luck with cute dresses like these at Motherhood Maternity! They have some incredible sales on right now, too! 

I've been wearing these pants to work almost every single day for the past week! They're so incredibly flattering and are incredibly comfortable! I've had some problems with my maternity pants stretching right out after an hour or so of wearing them, which always bothers me, but these particular pants have been incredible at holding their shape! Not to mention the adorable army green colour. I absolutely love these, also from Motherhood Maternity

Last but definitely not least are these tank tops. My wonderful friend Kristen (go check out her incredible blog!) recommended these to me when I was just a few weeks pregnant, and I knew I had to get my hands on them! I was hesitant at first because they're $30.00 a piece, but they are SO worth it. Seriously. I bought two when they were on sale at Motherhood and I actually live in them. And Kristen is still able to wear hers post pregnancy, so how could you even go wrong?! 

And here's me trying desperately to beat the heat with my big ol' 25 week belly! I'm 26 weeks today, the very end of my blissful second trimester, and I can definitely feel it! So you can find me in bed with a hand full of freezies all slathered in coconut oil this long weekend! 

I hope you all have an incredible weekend, you deserve it! And let me know in the comments if you have any tricks and tips for making it through summer pregnancies!!! I can use all the help I can get ;) 

Take good care, lovelies!