Life Lately 27.04.16

Life Lately 23.04.16


Celebratory engagement mimosas!

Celebratory engagement mimosas!

Little bump making an appearance!

Little bump making an appearance!


Life has been chock full of huge life changes for me and my little family, which has been extremely exciting and outrageously stressful. Let us hop in.

In February, shortly after starting my new job, my car got crashed into. I was parked on the street at work and came out after my shift to my brand new vehicle (we had purchased it almost exactly a year prior) smashed, crooked on the street. 

This left us in a bit of a bind, because Kyle and I really need two vehicles in order for us to both get to and from work, and we were left in limbo with what was going on with my car. It took almost a full month for the insurance company to decide if it was worth fixing, or if they were going to write it off. We ended up having to borrow my dad’s car for a few weeks, then Kyle’s brother’s old car, then finally we got the news that our car was going to be written off, and we would have to buy a new one. 

This ended up costing us a ton of money and put a huge damper on our plans to move… but it is what it is, and it was also around the time we found out we were pregnant, so low and behold we purchased a cool ass mom mobile! I’m not going to lie, it’s the coolest mom mobile ever, and I can’t wait until I can load it up with a little kiddo and our pups and take on exciting adventures! 

Onwards. I decided a little while after that that this new job I had been working at was not going to work out. There are a few reasons why, but I won’t go into detail. I have never quit a job before, and I was incredibly nervous because I had only been working there for a few months, and felt super bad about all of the training that they had put into me. I struggled with it a lot, and it made me really stressed for a while. I almost decided to stay just because I felt really bad about quitting… eventually I just had to come to terms with the guilt I was feeling, because ultimately, leaving that job would be the best for me and my situation. 

My last day was this past Monday and I must say I’m pretty excited to have a little bit more time off just in time for summer adventures! Monday night my sister Meghan and I went to Winnipeg Paint Nite, which is like a paint class only sillier and more fun for the not as artistically gifted such as myself! It was so much fun to paint and laugh and just have a fun date with my sister! On Tuesday I had exciting plans to declutter and clean my house with the help of my step sister Jenn! No, I'm not being sarcastic, I was so pumped and it felt SO good! Also on Tuesday we went back to a house that we had previously looked at in January, that we loved, but thought had sold. Turns out the condition on the sale fell through and it’s back on the market… I can’t talk about it too much without getting waaaaay ahead of myself and much too excited, so I will leave that there for now… Or I’ll get carried away and call it my dream home and be super disappointed again if it doesn’t work out!!! 

I spent the day today having breakfast at Pine Ridge Hollow with two of my friends, Heather and Steph, and then we went on an adventure to Fort Whyte Alive! None of us had ever been there, and it was the loveliest thing! It's like a quiet little nature park tucked away right inside the city! It was just such an incredible day spent with the loveliest humans! 

I’ve also been working on a secret project that will hopefully be launching soon… so stay tuned for that but I’m just SO excited about it, it’s something I’ve dreamed about doing for a long time and I finally took the steps to get the ball rolling. You will know more soon! But there are a few sneaky peaky pictures up above if you're curious...

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened lately is that my best friend got engaged to her soulmate and I just could explode with how excited I am for her! I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids and I just am so honored and excited to be a part of something she has dreamed about for soo long! Let the planning begin!!! 

Last but certainly not least, my growing bump! I can’t believe how fast time is flying, but I am 16 weeks pregnant! My bump is definitely there, and baby is the size of a dill pickle???? I don’t know that’s just what my app says. But 4-5 inches! SO crazy! We find out the gender THIS SUNDAY!! I can’t believe it. My friend Heather is going to come with us to our ultrasound tomorrow to get the results, and then we will find out with our family and friends on May 1st! I’m so excited to see the little babe for the first time and find out if I should start buying little boy or little girl things!!! I can’t wait!

That's about it for now, but keep your eyeballs pealed for more coming soon! I hope you lovely humans are doing well, and that you are making time for what really makes your soul happy. 

Take good care, lovelies! 

We're Growing A Little Baby Love!

WELL THERE IT IS!!! We're expecting our very first baby! We are over the moon and are so excited to share our big news! Here are all of our silly fun announcement pictures that my sister took for us, and all of our bloopers. Some of them just have me in tears cracking up, Jack was a complete train wreck while trying to take these, he was so stressed out! I have no clue why, but it was so funny (poor guy, he's not ready to be a big brother). I wrote a post on the day I took my positive test, so you can find that below if you're interested in my super emotional thoughts :) Otherwise, enjoy these silly pictures of my growing family!!


It is January 30th, 2016.

I am pregnant.

Oh my gosh.

My hands are shaking, my breath won't slow down.

I, Sarah Elizabeth Gerylo, am growing a baby human.

I have yet to say those words out loud. I have yet to tell my husband who whispered to me this morning that he had a dream last night that he had a son. I cannot believe my eyes. I am seeing things. That is not a second line. But it is. Instant, thick, and clear as day. A little blue line. Another test. A digital one this time. +yes.

Yes? I'm growing a baby? I'm going to be a mother? My heart might explode.

I have been longing for this for so long. My heart has been aching to watch my husband turn into a father, it has been aching to fulfill my life's purpose, my dream.

A baby. A tiny, poppyseed baby made out of pure love.

I am so in love with this feeling, with this family that we are creating, with this love. I am in love with this love.

I braced myself while taking the test, knowing that being one day late was insignificant. I have taken many pregnancy tests, all convinced I was pregnant, only to see a negative. Today, I told myself it would be negative.

It took a sliver of a second to show up. A sliver of a second for my life to be forever changed.

I am 4 weeks pregnant today. I am praying. I am singing. I am blessed beyond blessed. My heart is so full.

I am growing a little love.



Life Lately 23.01.16

Well, these posts usually start with "life kinda got crazy..." and it did. Again. And my feelings are starting to run wild. I'm inspired, overwhelmed, excited, and even more overwhelmed. Last weekend was my birthday, and I had a little gathering and it was so wonderful. I invited some friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and some friends that have recently been my rocks. A few unfortunate things happened, but over all, I ended the night so grateful to have the people I have in my life. I think my feelings that trickled into this week started there.

The Monday after my birthday party I started a new job, which is always so terrifying to me. I haven't had a new job in over 4 years, because I've been working at the same two places part time while I've been attending University. Now that I've scaled back on my course load at school, I wanted to get another job to fill up some of my hours, and so we can save up more money to build our new house in the country somewhere.

Also, we had our little baby cat, Maisy, fixed this past week, and her incision got infected, so we had to take her back in for antibiotics, and she has been a little conehead for the past week and a half, it is so so sad. She'll have to have the cone on for a while longer, because she can't stop licking at her incision. I just felt so so bad for her, but she is doing just fine!

Basically, I was a ball of stress. We're talking a huge, compulsive anxious mess. It was really hard, and I think most of it was just the uncertainty of my life. I hate not knowing. Not knowing if I'll like the job, if I'll get in trouble, what to wear, how to act, what's allowed, what my hours will be, if I'll be able to handle it... Looking back, it seems so silly, but tell me that in the heat of the moment and I'll crumple into a mess of tears on the floor.

All in all, the week at my new job was great. The people are so wonderful, and I love the passion of the office. However, I ended up working 50 hours that week between all three jobs. It was hard to get outside with the doggies (who definitely felt the lack of exercise...), to keep my home the way I like it, to write my little heart out, and to cook for my husband (and to hang out with him, of course). It was hard, but today... Today I feel incredible.

This management of my time has left me feeling some kind of invincible. I've made new decisions for my life, and I'm left feeling empowered. I'm about to draft up some new blog posts because I'm just so excited!!

Enough of my blabbering, here are a few pictures from this week! Make sure you check out my Instagram to see more of the daily stuff that doesn't make it on here!

















The last picture of my fruit haul will make so much sense in my next post, so stay tuned for a little bit more about my diet!

I hope you're taking good care of yourself, dearest friends! Just know that it does get better. You'll see the sun soon.


Be Fearless

I found this quote on Amanda Watter's instagram and oh my if this quote doesn't describe my life's purpose than I don't know what does! It just spoke right to my soul. You can visit her blog at Her words are like magic, I have no doubt that you will feel touched by what she has to say! be fearless2

For me, this quote means so much. It means to move past your anxiety. To move past what other people think about what you're doing. To simply take charge and do what makes you the happiest regardless of what others might think of you. To find happiness. To break out of what holds you back. To be fearless.

But not the kind of fearless that means the absence of fear. The kind of fearless that is pursuing your dreams despite the crippling fear that you feel. This kind of fearless is hard. It is exhausting. It is passionate. It is rewarding. It is love. And isn't that what we all crave? To grow love in the most unlikely of places? To grow love in despite of fear?

So fight for what sets your soul on fire. Find the little victories in the love that you were able to cultivate. Be proud of every inch of your being. Be strong. Pursue. Love. Be fearless. Because you are worth it. Your soul is worth it.

Take good care, lovelies.



Wanna-Be Minimalist

Happy 2016! So, like I said in my last post, I'm not one for New Years shenanigans. I don't think I've ever really made New Years Resolutions but for whatever reason, yesterday, January 1st, 2016, I started ravaging my house. Seriously. It was intense.

I went through my bathroom cabinets, my kitchen cabinets, my closet, my cosmetics... I went to town on making piles to donate, piles to throw out, and piles to give away to friends and family. To be honest, I was pretty ashamed of how much, for lack of a better word, crap that I had accumulated in my short time since moving out of my parent's house. Let me tell you, yesterday was so gratifying.

As I was going through all of my belongings that had been collecting dust and taking up space out of sight for so long, I couldn't stop asking myself why I had so much stuff! The only reasoning I could come up with was that it brought me excitement and joy when buying new products, new gadgets, and new clothes. As if buying things was supposed to be a source of happiness in my life. Which, I guess from a young age, it has been. I don't think anyone can say that getting something new isn't exciting, but for me, that feeling would wear off within a 24 hours, maybe longer depending on how long I had lusted after that item, which often wasn't very long.

So not only did I have more stuff than I am willing to admit due to embarrassment of how many garbage bags I was able to fill in one day alone, I have always been one to be stressed about clutter. This is so funny to my because, well, I have been doing it to myself for years! And of course our houses are now built with storage upon storage, out of sight, out of mind. Not to mention, I work at a storage facility. Talk about coming full circle...

So today I set out to do some research on how to live successfully as a minimalist. I wanted to do this research for two reasons:

  1. Minimalism sounds so sweet. Happy. Joyful, even.
  2. If I don't label it and learn the right tools, I'll keep accumulating crap, then purging all my new crap, every singly year.

So! Here are a few links to some really beautiful blogs that have given me such clear, concise guidance to living as a minimalist.

The first blog I found via Pinterest is Bre from Her post that I came across is called "7 Mantras for the Wanna-Be Minimalist" and I loved it!! Actually saying these mantras to myself while going through all of my stuff really helped me commit to the task.

7 tips

The second one that I found that really helped me was on, "5 Practical Ways to Transition to Minimalism". This article has some really great, practical yet fun ways to actually get the job done. Pairing these two posts together just made the perfect game plan!

5 tips

The most important thing that I have learned about minimalism so far is that it isn't just a way of getting rid of clutter. It is a lifestyle, a way of life. A way to enjoy moments more than things. To value people more than belongings. This, as some of you might know, has been my biggest joy. Finding happiness in little moments.  So this new trek into a minimalist lifestyle aligns perfectly with my core values and I am so excited to learn and implement more of these values into my day to day life! So this is my one and only resolution for 2016, but I figure this might seep into every other part of my life, making it a pretty big resolution!

I hope you're all having the happiest start to your new year!

Take good care, lovelies!



I am not much for New Years, I always felt so much pressure to do something cool, to go out and party or drink, to be at the most popular place, to tell the best stories. I guess it's because I'm still only 20 years old, but I've always felt a little out of place in my age group, interest wise.

That being said, this New Years Eve feels different. I feel as though 2015 deserves a special farewell, because it has given me so much. 2015 has also taken so much, but life will do what it will do, won't it? I feel so blessed to have had another year on this beautiful Earth, and so to commemorate it I thought maybe this year deserved a few words. So here is my letter to 2015.

Dear 2015,

I am so grateful. This year has brought me so many blessings, so much joy. It has also brought many struggles, which have graced me with the most humble teachings. I have never felt so complete, yet I have never felt more room for growth.

I made life altering decisions this year, like deciding to stop going to University full time, and to focus more on what soothes my heart.

I planned the wedding of my dreams and married the man who brings me more grace and wholeness than I ever thought I could feel.

I lost the most dear woman, my soulmate, perhaps. Grandma, we miss you every day.

I learned yoga. I learned it's true meaning. I learned it's powers of healing.

I learned that nature is my best medicine.

I learned that even though many people expect me to behave as a regular 20 year old girl, I don't have to live the reflection of other people's expectations. I am allowed to want what I want, despite my age.

I allowed myself to begin this little corner of the internet, even though I didn't tell anyone for months out of embarrassment.

I learned to embrace this blog, and not be embarrassed.

I told everyone about this blog, with pride.

I think, most of all, 2015 has taught me authenticity. That makes me so damn proud to say, because after all, if you aren't you in all that you do, then what are you?

So, 2o15, you have blessed me. There are no words to express my gratitude for this year and all that has come through it. It is a blessing to be here today, it is a blessing to have all that I have, and it is a blessing to look forward to another year without fear.




I know that many people have had a really hard year, and that maybe their hope for 2016 is clouded. I am praying for all those who are struggling through this change in year, and hope that you find what makes you smile, even just for a moment.

I hope you all have the loveliest close to 2015, doing whatever makes your heart happy. You deserve it!

Take good care, lovelies.



Christmas Time

Well, Christmas has come and gone and as per usual, I am so sad that it is over!!! But this year was Kyle and my first Christmas together as husband and wife and it was just so sweet. We were completely surrounded by so many loved ones and we cannot get over how blessed we truly are! On Christmas Eve we took our pups for a stroll at my dad's house in the country, played with our niece Sadie, and then went home for napping, cleaning, and getting ready for the next day's festivities! That evening, we went to Kyle's parent's house in the country to spend the evening with Kyle's parents and siblings. We played games and just hung out and it was so so nice. That day I kept it comfy in a pair of leggings, a huuuuuge grey shirt type thing, and my plaid scarf! Ohhh and certainly no makeup. It was cozy and so fun!


Christmas Day was definitely not so leisurely. It was an adventure, that's for sure! We wanted to be able to see all of our family members on Christmas Day, so our Christmas started at 6am. I took the dogs out for a walk, because they would be alone for most of the day, and we left for Kyle's parent's house at 7:30am so his little brother could open his presents right away! We were completely spoiled by all of our family members on Kyle's side and it was just so much fun! I even got my own little stocking :). It was so sweet.







Then we packed up and headed back to the city to my mom's house, where we would open presents with my mom, my siblings, and my Grandma! Me and my siblings always LOVE opening our stockings first thing in the morning, and Kyle and I got to share one this year which was so fun! We've had the same stockings for our whole lives that our mom sewed for us when we were babies, so it's really fun to keep that little tradition even though we're all fully grown adults ;). Then we opened presents and visited for a bit... Until we had to head out to our next location!

Next we went to my dad's house in the country to visit his side of the family, and our step sisters. Again, we opened presents, visited, had a little snack, and watched silly YouTube videos that my brother provided for us... cause he's silly. My dad's side was leaving for a family dinner in the early afternoon, so when they were ready to go, we headed back to Kyle's family's house for a little afternoon board gaming, and more visiting!

Then back to my mom's house in the city we go for a Christmas feast! Some of my extended family was there and we ate and played Cards Against Humanity and it was just too funny. We had so so so much fun, but needless to say we were pretty darn exhausted!

When we got home we fed the doggies some Christmas treats, and they were so snuggly and nice. We went to bed pretty early because I had to work the next day. I slept like a little tiny baby, I swear.

My Christmas outfit was this beautiful ivory quarter length sleeved lace dress with tights and knee high black boots, and I was actually so comfy all day throughout all of our travels!


The day after Christmas we had my extended family dinner for my mom's side, which is always a blast! There's always the yummiest food and my cousins and Kyle started a tradition last year, where they decided they're going to play mini sticks in the basement every year before dinner. Mini sticks is basically miniature hockey, where you have tiny hockey sticks and have to play on your knees... It gets pretty intense and my sister and I love to watch. It's pretty hilarious!

For this dinner I wore a green basic swing dress that I got from my sister for Christmas with my grey booties and of course, my plaid scarf. I am starting to realize I need to invest in some necklaces... My plaid scarf is getting too much attention ;).


It's been an amazing Christmas season, and we feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and families. It has been so amazing to spend this season as husband and wife and we're just so happy! I love this time of year, and am a little bit sad that it's over, but I am looking forward to getting back into our routine!

I hope you all had the most amazing holiday season, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Take good care, lovelies!


Life lately 19.12.15

Well... It's been a while. Two months ago life got really crazy, and it sucked. But... on December 15th I wrote my final exam for this semester and I cannot explain how much relief I feel. I made the decision that I will not be going back to university full time... probably ever. Full time university can be such a wonderful experience, but only if your heart is in it. My heart was aching to be elsewhere the whole entire semester, and I felt like I was missing so much of my life. I couldn't find time to write, to take pictures... I didn't do yoga for almost two months straight. So that kinda tells you how crazy my mind was feeling.

It was really hard to make the decision to stop going to school full time and just fly by the seat of my pants... it just feels like there is such a negative view on taking time off school to pursue more "unreliable" things like perhaps yoga and writing. But I know for a fact those things make my heart the happiest and so, a happy heart I shall have.

Anyways, now I have been socializing up the wazoo because I haven't had human interaction in three months and omg what I have a husband?! SNUGGLE ME HUSBAND!! I missed him. I missed being whole and present and happy and (almost) stress freeeee!

So now I have to figure out what I'm doing with my life. But all in good time, I say. For now, I will be working my measly hours at both part time jobs, doing 2 hours of yoga per day, and spending the rest of my time being a good doggy momma and housewife because I missed it so much. I CAN CLEAN MY HOUSE NOW!! WHAT IS A HOME COOKED MEAL?! gosh.

Well anywho, I hope you all have been having the loveliest of holiday seasons, here are some of the very few pictures of life lately that I have been able to snap!


Most of those are of my fur babies... but heyyyyy my face made it into a few!  Follow my on Instagram to see my daily shinanigans! Also, I kinda like snapchat a bit: sarahemahon!

Anyways, take the plunge and do something that makes your heart happy today, and take very good care, lovelies!